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Have been so busy with the house that I haven't had the time to update the blog. Oops!

We collected our keys on 15th June and have been so busy checking for defects, looking for ids and checking out furniture shops etc!

All weekends have been dedicated to project #nadskaihome! It's been fun researching and I haven't had so much fun since the wedding!

I also think it helps us grow as a couple!

More updates soon!

It's funny how the view is slowly growing on me. C(hubby) was CRAZY over the view and I was like 'meh', neutral and can't be arsed about it.

Now? I can't help staring out all the time!

We were planning to move in like end this year say November or December.... Factoring time for defects (it's already July!), renovation (taking our time since 7 month is coming soon) and slowly furnishing our home.

But now, I can't wait! But hey... maybe November we'll be staring at this view everyday! Or maybe sian by the view by then. HAHAHA

More updates about #nadskaihome soon!

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I've got some exciting news to share! We've collected our keys to our BTO after almost a 4 year wait!

Decided to blog about the process of collecting one's keys at HDB!


While we were given the appointment time of 3:10pm, we came early and got a queue number at 2.40pm.

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