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Can we add some magic into #nadskaihome?

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As mentioned in my previous post, I’m currently planning for my upcoming Punggol BTO. We’ve met up with a few IDs and have also done a bit of space planning for our home!

I’ve also done up a moodboard of how I’ll like my living room to be! Used some pictures from Pinterest, Facebook etc and voila! I’m hoping to have such a cosy looking living room!

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 10.01.04 pm

Nice? As mentioned before, I’m toying between the idea of a Scandinavian + Industrial theme aka Scandustrial.

I’m looking at using track lights and hanging lights. Love the whole brick wall look though it’s overdone. Actually fell in love with the brick wall like back in 2012 when I saw my ex-colleague Jem’s home!

Would also love to play with a splash of colour with the furniture e.g. the sofa, tables, chairs etc. Instead of a L shape sofa, I’m toying with a long sofa alongside with a massage chair. As some of you guys may know, I always go with massages with Skai, my hubby. But most importantly, I do not want a bulky massage chair! I have very limited space with my living room (it’s a 4 room sadly) and I can’t have something too huge.

Also, the massage chair would have to fit into my decor. I can’t deal with garish colours! I visited OSIM recently during an event and saw the uMagic which was recently launched!


Not only is the purple version pleasing to the eye, I think it’ll fit well with my theme! What makes the uMagic so different from the other OSIM massage chairs was that the uMagic is focused on targeting the neck and shoulders. It is the world’s 1st Magic Hands massage technology which is a patented hand-grip massage. Not only is it extremely powerful, it is also pretty precise at hitting the specific tension points!

I also gave the OSIM uMagic a try and wow. I really did not want to get up!



I work in a desk bound job where I stare at the computer pretty much 99% of the time. As with such a job, it’s downside comes with the deep seated muscle aches, tension knots and strained muscles. I pretty much face head, neck and back pain most of the time!

The uMagic offers this special unseen hands to help release muscle aches and tension from one’s neck and shoulders.

And it is so true!!!! I really felt the squeezing action, it’s almost like magical hand-like movements! There are also other various programmes such as:

  • Beauty – To tone and firm
  • Sports recovery – Promote relaxation and recovery of muscles, especially when one does sports
  • Tui-Na – An intense massage to relieve body tension
  • Chill Out – A pampering head-to-toe massage to unwind and relax the body and mind

and many more! I also found out that the uMagic was inspired by a sports car seat which is pretty much why it looks really luxurious and elegant!


Also looking at the size of the uMagic, it really does not take up much space unlike other massage chairs! I love the fact that it’s pretty compact which will really help allow more living space for my home!


It’s not that huge as you can see! I’m really liking the uMagic and am seriously considering to get one for my house! I am considering to play with a blue to purple accent for my place! Love the splash of colours!

What do you think?

It’s really fun planning the decor, the various themes and furniture for my home! I love considering the various furniture configurations!

If you’ll like to find out about the uMagic, do check out OSIM’s website here.


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