‘bestblogforward’ meme contest

during lunchtime, i was surfing around and went to check on my stats. imagine my surprise when i found links coming from mrmiyagi

and it looks like i got tagged… with the ‘bestblogforward’ meme created by kevin… and yes, i wanna win the flickrpro account so that i can upload more pics. yes, camwhore, i know. 😛

here are the rules…

1. Find the most popular post on your blog
You can discover this either by checking your web statistics service, most number of comments, or simply googling yourself and finding what tops the rankings. Suggestions on using blog trackers like
BlogPulse and Technorati are welcomed. If all this sounds too complicated, just go wth your instinct!

2. Blog the story behind it!
Blog the story behind your most popular post by giving the permalink, what it’s about, how it became popular and how you came to write about it. It’s a great way to see our different blogging strategies. I’ll post mine as an example soon but get started if you get the picture.

3. Tag “BestBlogForward”
Once you’re done writing, make sure to title and tag it “BestBlogForward”. Link your post back
here if you wish to qualify for the contest. Everyone will also be able to see your post over at Technorati if you use the following HTML code:

interestingly enough, my most commented post was who reads me post. yes, i have 27 readers only :P. this was a post where i was wondering who reads me. after that post, i found out that a primary and secondary school friend has been reading me since my 1st year blogging. 🙂

i guess most of my “popular” posts are those sharing pictures and experiences to where i have been, how i feel about certain matters and also certain unpleasant experiences. and yes, i deviate from the main topic again…

and here, i shall tag the following…

the last 3 ppl i received an email from/chatted with:




and three most recent visitors (according to my stats) from…




🙂 flickrpro flickrpro flickrpro flickrpro flickrpro flickrpro flickrpro flickrpro flickrpro flickrpro

5 thoughts on “‘bestblogforward’ meme contest”

  1. I think your link for “who reads me post” is not er.. linked correctly.

    nadnut: thanks! have corrected it already… :) 


  2. Hey Nadnut, just to let you know there are two prizes so far: 1st Prize is a $25 Amazon Gift Certificate while the runner up will get a Flickr Pro account. Good luck!

    nadnut: thanks! erm, btw, its nadnut not Nadnut. muahahahahahaa.


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