Higher tolerance of pain eh?

According to my secrets of the cycle list, today is a day where my sensitivy to pain is low!

I had wanted to put it to the test by trying cable-skiing. Afterall, I did a brazilian wax before and it wasn’t even painful to me. (On a sidenote, I’m tempted to try Strip’s Chocolate Wax. Chocolate wax sounds so yummy! has anyone tried it? any reviews?)

Turns out, we couldn’t go cableski because the place was closed for these few days. Pffft.

I reallllly wanna put this to the test. Any suggestions? I can’t donate blood because I’m on medication and I do not want to do anything permanent like get a tattoo.

Suggestions would be good!

3 thoughts on “Higher tolerance of pain eh?”

  1. try threading. if nt the eyebrows, try the whole face. heard its quite painful. ive nt tried it myself though :p
    or……..pierce ur navel if u have not 🙂


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