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So, what happened to your hair Nadia?

The lowdown. I cut my hair short. Not because I wanted to…

I went to a certain “weather” salon from a friend’s recommendation and I had wanted to have a change of hairstyle. The hairstyle I wanted was rejected by the hairstylist and he recommend something “medium-length” for my hair.

I figured that since my hair was long, medium-length didn’t sound too bad and it’ll probably be a trim for me.

I did leave a few rules for him before he started cutting.

1) I needed a hairstyle that I NEED NOT STYLE/BLOW DRY as I DO NOT blowdry my hair at home.

2) My hair curls at the ends if it is layered/hits the shoulder so it has to be a hairstyle that is flattering and to minimise the curls. I DO NOT WANT TO HAVE CURLS.

And the hairstyle became like this..

So, this is medium length? What was my previous hair length then? XXXL?!

I hated the hair then but I thought at least the hair didn’t curl so it wasn’t too bad.


It started curling! I didn’t take much pics with my straight short hair because I absolutely hated the look. This is one of the “nicest” pictures, the hair started curling like shit after that. Needless to say, I will NEVER return to that “weather” salon ever again.

What ever happened to hairstylists listening to what the customer wants?

While I struggled with my hair, I decided to bite the bullet and go for a perm. At least a proper perm would look better than the ugly “duck tails”.

I did my research and decided to check out Shunji Matsuo at Wellington building. Kaoru-san was my hairstylist. She recommended using this new Japanese perm which incorporates Japanese micro nanotechnology into its range of styling and hair care services. This helpsย  minimizes the damage of chemical treatments.

It sounded pretty awesome so I decided to go for it.

Kaoru-san first started by giving me a trim.

Trimming off the ugly layers that the previous “weather” stylist did.

Guess who I saw?! The man himself, Shunji!

He is very down to earth and very friendly!

They then did a “pre-treatment”

Seems like Shunji Matsuo uses a different type of hair curler as compared to those conventional ‘auntie’ types.

The perm was nothing that I’ve done before. The previous ones that I did was usually hooked up to some heat/machine but this one felt as if it was using steam to perm my hair. I did some reading up about the treatment and they mentioned that it was a breakthrough hair care technology which uses aย  superior performing moisturizing treatment that facilitates the penetration of nanometre molecules into each individual hair follicle, dramatically improving the construction of hair and restoring it back to a healthier condition.

More pictures of the treatment.

I look like an alien man!

As you can see, I got quite bored after a while…

The end result. Of course, this is with styling…

But I’m pretty satisfied with the end result.

Pic of hair close to one month after the perm. No products used.

Of course, I would prefer my long hair as there’s so much you can do with long hair but I’m glad that at least, I tried a new hairstyle. Sick of my “stagnant” hair.

Now… to grow my hair long!

Do you prefer my straight short hair or permed short hair?

11 thoughts on “So, what happened to your hair Nadia?”

  1. nice!!! i mean the one done at shunji. hahahah.. they’re quite good as compared to one of those celebrity-opened places. =X

    those are just overrated. heh.

    i wanna perm too! just at the ends.. like those korean girls. woooh! =D


  2. gosh, LOVE YOUR CURLS!!! you know short hair n curls are not the best of friends, you eitehr look good or damn aunty. well , the way your hair is curled looks very flattering on you ๐Ÿ™‚

    btw, i went to one of these weathered salon before, located in the West. omg the hairdresser kept asking me to cut my hair short for a change. I caved in, and boy was it REALLY short ;( (way shorter than your hair!) I went back to him a second time, and he screwed up my hair again.

    Lesson learnt: dump the hairstylist if he does not listen to your needs & screws up your hair.


  3. You shouldn’t worry, the hair is like the frame of the painting & your painting is as cute as a button so any frame looks good.

    Have a happy new year!


  4. Hey Nad,have been lurking here for quite some time and can’t believe the first comment I’m gonna make is about hair -_- Oh well 2010,new year and all that crap.

    I’d say you look better with long hair but that again could be a personal bias because I just think long hair on people rocks.

    Just a question,do you have naturally dry hair?

    Oh and your blog is awesome ๐Ÿ˜€


  5. hey it’s cool that your perming turned out well. i had qing to perm mine at shunji’s about a month ago and it turned out hella disappointing. it was really upsetting since i’ve been her regular customer for the past 5 years or so. guess i should’ve asked for Kaoru-san =r

    cute blog btw! ^_^


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