aza aza fighting!

just finished watching full house (my xmas present from gracey). i watched till 12 noon today and only slept after that till 8pm and continued watching till now. korean dramas are evurl!

though all korean dramas seem to be the same plot, i still love them!: rich guy, poor girl in some $ problems, ex-crush/gf, married/dated girl for some reason, falls in love with girl, ex-crush/gf comes back, guy gets confused, goes back to ex-crush/gf, new boy comes into the picture and likes/falls in love with girl, guy gets jealous, later realises he falls in love with girl and gets back together with girl in the end.

same plot, diff characters, a change in scene. and yet i keep falling for it again and again.

the guys are so cute and romantic!!! why the guys these days only know how to irritate us? bah. what happened to good old fashioned romance and courtship? you’ll be happy if they actually bother to listen to you, listen and remember things that are very important to you. but it seems that sometimes, just asking for the simplest things are too much for them.

whatever man. i’m tired of talking and yet not being heard. three times is way too much. is it that hard to remember something? especially since i’ve been talking about it nonstop. and its such an important matter. maybe its not an important matter to someone. shrugs. im sick and tired of saying the same old things. maybe its better to go alone.

anyway i have finished my name is kim samsoon, princess hours, my girl and full house so far. any other korean dramas to recommend (and lend if possible)?

its back to school tomorrow. after 2 weeks of no lessons, im feeling a bit lazy. argh. midsems are coming soon. i must study! aza aza fighting!

a pic for tomorrow from my calendar. even the cat looks lazy to go back to work (and school after that.) bah..

a pic of the ever so delicious rain to perk me up. 😛

cute boyish face and man body. whats not to like?

*cough* no more singing ‘rain rain go away’. 😛

edit: saw this twitter badge from sassyjan’s blog and decided to try it out. 😉

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2 thoughts on “aza aza fighting!”

  1. yah loh! Even though the guys are portrayed as abit MCP but they MCP in a very cute way!! ~ droolz.. ~ Anyway, it doesn’t happen in real life, only in reel life…

    er.. rain’s new hairstyle not very nice leh (the one shown on tv). I think he look nicer with the longer hairstyles in his MV and pics… =P


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