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the strange feeling…

something is not right.

suddenly im having the weird sensations.

my heart feels very heavy and there’s a dull ache. im feeling very scared suddenly and everything feels too hard to handle. suddenly im having problem breathing, and my pulse is racing.

arms are tingling, im feeling lightheaded and there’s this strange sensation in my heart, a cool and heavy feeling. i cant concentrate, the fear grasps me, and i cant breathe. i have to take deep breaths.

whats going on?!?!

i didnt know who to talk to but my first instinct was to check with rn. take deep breaths, think happy thoughts, calm down and to slow down my heartbeat, she advised me. though i tried, nothing changed. but just talking to her made me feel a bit better. thanks babe.

i tried doing so but it still feels the same. wats going on?! is it because i hadn’t had a good night sleep yesterday? was it the flu i caught last week or the cough i’ve been having?

im scared out of my wits and i dont know why and what’s going on.

/edit – it didnt feel that bad after i stepped into class. immersed myself into the lecture. just that the funny heart feeling and the fast heartbeat was still there. i could breathe properly but i didnt have the appetite to eat anything.

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  1. if this persists… go to see the doc ok? It could be because you’re not feeling well.. but for me, if my heart feels funny, I’ll go check it out, at least to rule out one fear. *hug*


  2. i felt a similar feeling once. almost fainted during work 2years ago. i think what u experienced may have been a panic attack. these attacks come out of the blue. u don’t necessarily have to be in an uptight situation to have it coming. for me, it just knocked me off the track. don’t worry unduly..everythin will b fine:) see a doc the best if u realli feel terrible.


  3. I hope you’re feeling better..

    Btw, I think I saw you a few weeks back ar the Apple Store at Wheelock. Would have said hi, if I wasn’t so shy 🙁


  4. Sounds like a case of heart palpitation which could be sympton of an anxiety attack and nothing more. Breathing into a paper bag usually helps.

    Anyway, do see a doctor about it for reassurance. Do an EKG (or ECG) if required. I doubt at your age, this has anything to do with heart problem. Like I said, a consultation with a doctor is more for peace of mind.

    Maybe, this would also be a good time to think about doing a bit more cardio exercises? Ask your doctor if you need to take Iron supplements. For all you know, it is just a case of mild anaemia.


  5. this si like an aanxiety attack.. when u r over worked.. lack of sleep… too highly strung.. too tensed.. overtly stressed…

    my advise is see a doctor to do a general health check up.. so that u can be more assured.. its quite cheap to do it at a hospital though.. private clinics are cheap too… less than 200


  6. hmm.. i fainted before from one such situation, i just felt clammy all over. and i was diagnoised w Wolf parkinson white. Just an additional vessel in my heart that causes all the fast palpitations.. i felt more assured when i knew the caused of such heart burns, fast heartbeats etc.. it will only happened during 20s to 40s. I went to NUH, cardiac centre. And no, i didnt opt to go for the operation. Im stil fine today 🙂


  7. woman, time to stop staying up…and sleep more.

    see a doc for a checkup tooo.. gimme a ring if you want company to the docs.


  8. hmmm….i get that sometimes also! I put it to heart palpitation and panic attacks. but i’m used to having it. since u like first time like that, perhaps go see a doctor just to make sure?!

    no more energising drinks like redbull or alcohol for you if u are taking them regularly. 🙂


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