ARGH! my precious is injured!

a colleague accidentally dropped my precious pink camera earlier. it wasn’t a hard fall and it seemed nothing much was damaged, just a small tiny, almost invisible paint scrapped off.

that was what i thought.

till later, i was viewing my pictures that i’ve realised that the controls were wonky. i restarted the camera, removed the battery, removed the memory card, everything! but the camera was still wonky.

my precious is no longer under warranty and it seems that the “hospital” charges are more than a hundred bucks! and that is just the basic charges!

i’m feeling oh so fucked up now. not angry at my colleague for accidents so happen and its really such a minor one! i just feel so fed up. why is it so fragile?! the first fall and it’s messed up already. brrr. hopefully it’ll be better later… if not, i’ll have to send it for repairs. 🙁

ARGH. looks like there won’t be any pictorial entries if the camera is sent for service. argh!

2 thoughts on “ARGH! my precious is injured!”

  1. Oohh goooshhh I feel your pain. Reminds me of when my friend dropped my phone into a large glass of coke.

    Hope the damages aren’t extensive on your camera.


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