The best feeling in the world.

During the blogathon, we were given a choice of an item from Macdees, for supper. Jayden and I decided on choosing a 20 piece nuggets + a large Coke Light.

The thing about me is that if there’s a drink infront of me, I’ll tend to continue drinking it.

So…. That was what happened. I finished the drink say 3 plus. At 4am, I started having the urge to pee… and my next toilet break was supposed to be at 5am. I tried “ren-ing” but it was tough!

At 4.15am, I had to pee urgently… I started counting down and doing things to distract myself. It didn’t helped that DK and Jayden were making shhhh sounds at me!!!

I started breathing like a woman in labour and pacing around quite a bit. Jayden even took a video of me pacing like mad during the last few minutes! And when I could finally go, I made a quick dash to the washroom!

The best feeling in the world is finally being able to pee after holding it in for so long. Really. Believe me. But I don’t think I wanna try it again.

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