and so…. they parted

and so they parted.

she took a last glance at him and walked away with a heavy heart. tears ran freely down her face.

he walked away from her. both of them walked away from each other. both with heavy hearts. walking away from the one thing that kept them together.

she sneaked a look back. his posture looked weird. his hands were in his pocket. she longed to turn back and run into his arms.

she wanted to rest her head on his shoulder and snuggle close to him. to fall asleep in his arms and listen to the sound of his heart beating. her heart ached. she had no one to call her own anymore.

no one to talk till dawn or to exchange marathon sms-es with. she had no one now.

but she knew that it was for the best. they were unhappy together. quarrels were aplenty.

he had initiated it. he could not commit. he wasnt someone to commit. her heart broke into a thousand pieces when she heard him say that. they had been together for so long. she could remember the way he looked when he was asleep, the cheeky grin he gave her, his lips and his hugs. it was all etched out in her mind.

but it was of no use now. it was over. and despite a talk of a revival to what had seemed so perfect, both of them agreed that it would only end disasterously.

her heart was breaking and yet, she knew, she could never take him back.

as she watched him walk away, a familiar tune played in her head. she took a deep breath and turned away. she took a last glance and walked away from the love of her life.

dont turn around, cause you gonna see my heart breaking. dont turn around. i dont wan u to see me cry. just walk away, its tearing me apart that your leaving. im letting you go, but i wont let you know…

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