an impossible dream.

have all i every wanted is not what i want after all? have i been chasing after an impossible dream?

it is an enigma, for now i do not know i want. i’m confused, puzzled and heart is in a turmoil. i question myself and yet i have no answers.

i know not what i want anymore. i have wasted my time. it has all been a waste of time. i have been the fool.

do i stick to it? or do i chase after the new dream? have i let routine run my life?

what should i do? i do not know now. it is after all an impossible dream.

7 thoughts on “an impossible dream.”

  1. There’s this saying “sometimes the onlookers have a bigger view than the people in the game” maybe that’s the solution.

    nadnut: interesting. 🙂


  2. dreams are what keeps us striving for. who knows? you might achieve your impossible dream in the end. things might work out and after all, nothing is impossible.

    at least give it a shot and if you fail, you can tell yourself: i have tried. 🙂

    and if you still can’t make up your mind, flip a coin. 😀

    nadnut: lol! thanks for the advice!


  3. Dare to dream… dare to succeed!

    Nothing is impossible to the willing mind.

    nadnut: 🙂 even if one has failed, as long as he/she has tried, aye?


  4. Sometimes I feel that way too.. An impossible dream. If it really does come true, I would be too shocked to accept that fact. And the sad thing is, when it really comes true, it loses the appeal and I begin looking for another impossible dream.

    nadnut: we humans are so fickle minded sometimes. we make things complicated, aye?


  5. If the dream, when realised, will do you good, then just go for it.

    At least just give it a shot, so that you won’t regret not trying.

    nadnut: true. it sucks always wondering ‘what if?’


  6. hmmm.. juz follow wherever ur heart brings u to…

    nadnut: sometimes the heart and the head tells u different things and you wonder what to do…


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