A day in The Cathay!


I love hanging out at The Cathay. There’s so much to do, things to buy and lotsa good food to eat!

I went The Cathay recently with a girlfriend and laoniang damn goondu la. I brought my camera BUT I left my battery at home. DOH!

So with the usage of some (friendly) pictures from the internet, here’s what I did!

(Pic from Javno)

We first went to Strip for a brazilian wax. Ever since I’ve discovered Brazilian waxing, I am always going for b-waxes. I feel so “clean” after that!

I’m supportive of Strip because they are having this promotion with Cat Welfare Society. It’s all for a good cause. Bravo!

After that “hair-raising” ordeal (just wanted to make a pun, it wasn’t painful lah), we decided to pamper ourselves at Ben and Jerry’s.

I love their icecream! Especially Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough! What’s your favourite flavour?

After all of that yummy icecream, I made a visit to Xsquad! Ark runs the shop and he has a fine collection of streetwear!

The last time I was there, I picked out a snazzy pink fedora!

There’s more to The Cathay than just watching movies! I think there’s lots of retail outlets there and good food! Just the other day, mrkennychan and I went for Jap food there!

Did you know that The Cathay has quite a cool website? There’s lots of information and promotions there!

E.g. Right now, there’s a spa promo for only 30 buckaroos! Check out! Do join the mailing list to get first hand updates on promos and updates!

Really great offers! Do constantly check their promotions page to find out what’s the latest promo!

Aside from that, if you like events, do check out their event listing. Lots of interesting events happening soon and for this coming lunar new year, they’ll be bringing in two special shows!

For giveaways, contests, events and latest promos, why not join The Cathay facebook fan page?

I’ve just become a fan! You should too! Different promotions released quite frequently! Go check it out!

How would you spend your day in The Cathay? I wanna know!

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