had free tickets to a preview today. a korean show. lady vengeance.

called mr kenny chan at the last minute and thankfully he managed to make it. it was a great movie. dark humour. a tad sad and morbid. but it was a movie that made you think which was different from all the brainless movies churned out recently, like 40 year old virgin, deuce bigalow and dukes of hazzard.

dont get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong watching those shows except sometmes it gets mundane. rather boring.

catch lady vengeance. hell, think ill catch it a second time. =)

i was discussing with mr kenny chan on our next holiday destination. i had my heart set on bangkok (shopping leh!) whereas he wanted to go phuket again.

thus we decided to choose the destination in the most favourable way instead or arguing or giving in.

guess what we did?

lets say.. i wanted to give head.

we flipped a coin. lol. im rather amused by the way we settled our holiday destination. infact, i was the one who suggested it. lol.

and we flipped the coin….

i lost.

tmd! oh well. back to a great tan next year.

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