went for dinner @ hard rock cafe. 🙂

it was their 15th years anniversary and they had a 1-for-1 offer.

needless to say. i felt compelled to make use of tis offer. queued for 1.5 hours. wahhaha. yes. kiasu singaporeans. hahaha.

ordered 2 main courses and 2 starters. i nearly gave up after juz eating a lil of the starters.

ate too much. feel bloated and funny feeling in de tummy now. sighz. de perils of being greedy.

yes. i have sinned. gluttony. the whole week of cutting down my carbo during dinner time backfired. oh well.

let de pics do the talking. i need eno man.

us! 🙂

the piggies. yes. i have a bad hair day. bleah.

fun with calamari and onion rings part 1.

fun with calamari and onion rings part 2. yes. my mama neva teach me not to play with food. to those who dont know. i love to take pics wiv food.

the food… de steak is good!

us again!

cheers! that’s it! tata!

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