finished with first camp. going for second one. lotsa things not happy with. full blog after back from camp. i got stepped on thrice during group hug man. the gls and freshies (i think) rushed in and the circle got collapsed. i got stepped. shoulders, back and leg hurt man. feel like crying tat time. *pain*

anyway, was pissed at debrief. when i asked for de comm to watch their facial expressions especially during final clash, i saw de person who i meant de remark for, shared a glance (u knoe, those type of glance) with another. sheesh. come on lor. kaoz. at least when im in a bad mood, i show onlie to de comm but not infront of de gls or freshies. sheesh.

aside from tat, my baby got in! he finished his first audition and will be going for the next! wasted i couldnt go and see his first audition. dear, im proud of u! *muackz*

juz got news tat KEN got in too! congrats old pal! *cheers*

gonna stop blogging. back after all events are done.

sorry for lack of updates.

*nad has to recuperate*

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