Friends Pictures
retail therapy today.

a cool top. my smocked dress! 2 intimate items and a tankini.

woot! was a very happy girl today. fell in de love wiv de ‘songkok’ lookalike but mr kenny chan says its a waste of money.

bumped into nur, yuping and sean near zara. missed those peeps. one day shall meet up yeah?

had yummy steak @ phin’s steakhouse wiv shen… great day.

damage? around S$120 – 140. ouch.

pic of de day. same thing. for bigger pic, click de pic. would advise to open in new window.

however when i got home, i felt sad.

i havent felt tis way for quite some time. hated him for quite some time. suddenly sad.

de saddest thing is knowing u meant nothing to him.

hate is an easier emotion. if only i neva met him in my life.

am i happy? im not. i was happiest when i was wiv him. however, things have changed. i dunno how i feel now also. bursts of hate, hurt, sadness.

i know how he did it. to stop loving me so soon.

coz i have stopped loving him.

but i believe, u can make urself stop loving so soon. u surely can make urself love again.

and i hate him for not trying. im scared of being in a relationship. why? coz we wun last. im too young to be in a long term relationship.

next thing u’ll know de same thing will happen. 4 couples broke up within tis 2 months.

its sad seeing some of my frens depressed. i wish i can help, however, perhaps all i can do is listen.

i dun believe in true love anymore. god. i have turned into a cynic like mr kenny chan.

cant wait for june 1st and july 1st. start of new job and phuket trip.

i may not have love. but i have great frens around me. i have my mum who loves me lots and vice versa.

treasure life. life is short. no matter wat, life goes on. its his loss.

don’t phunk with my heart.

remember tis: when life seems perfect for you, something will definately screw up.