seriously why should i bother?

when u dun even bother?

it seems like i msn, email and blog all de time…

and he neva bothers. im busy too, yet i still bother… call me petty or wat… i dun care…

so why bother?

like having 2 seconds to say something is so hard… and having 5 mins to blog is so hard.

i wun bother. if u bother, then so be it. if not, i knoe where i stand.

will it kill u to drop a few words at our blog or email me when ur free?

u said u dun reallie blog.

whose de one who started blogging?

u can blog at ur own blog but u cant even drop a few words.

i seriously do not knoe watcha doing.

u didnt want de webcam or de prepaid card.

u dun even seem to bother…

i got feelings too ok. all im asking from u is a few mins. is tat so hard?

u knoe tat a few msgs and emails from u reallie makes my day…

as i said today. i wun msn/email/blog till u show some effort.

if not…

i knoe where i stand.

wanna change my layout. help anyone?