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finally! hello was down for a while so i couldnt upload pics…

my update for tis week!

friday – fish & co outing

had a fish and co outing for some of de bsc peeps at bugis.

we came, we ate and we camwhored. LOL.

ten people came: shen, cj, eddie, sel, cass, ariel, miss chong ah, me, jen and nixon. (in tat order of seating)

seems like a dinner party. lol.

the gals had some sorta dress code. lol. some in pink, and some in black. lol. 😀

and miss chong tried to decent me up by zipping me top up. lol. i didnt show much skin wor!

there was a birthday boy somewhere else and fish and co staff did a cheer something like the ‘we will rock u’ cheer.

everyone had de ‘i wanna cheer’ feeling and eddie said something loud. cant remember wat, but all of us burst out laughing.

[added] sel juz reminded me tat eddie was doing the ‘tananeh’ cheer. lol. thanks sel! [/added]

it was a pleasant event with shen wanting to steal ariel’s swordfish and everyone else food, we ordering more and more and more garlic butter sauce that they run out of them.

in the end had to resort to dumping garlic in the lemon butter sauce. me and chong pushing calamari to each other.

i will always miss moments like this. 😀

eddie once said : its not the amount of people that matters. its the company.

amen to that brother. 😀

pics up! laugh out ur hearts peeps. hahahaha.

cass and ariel!

nad and miss chong. my necklace very eyecatching! hahahaa.

nad and jen!

a candid shot. nad caught pouting by cass… boo!

eddie and cj! its show off your shoulders days for the mixed babes. hahahaa.

mr fat ass. nothing much to say. hahahahaa.

sel and cass. check out cass’s cute expression! priceless!

i took pics around the table. 😀

most of us had the seafood platter for 2… this is the before picture for nad-chong and sel-cass.

ariel’s yummylicious swordfish!

first pic is nad-chong’s and second is sel-cass’s. hahaha. looks empty coz we had a calamari fight and threw them at shen.

group pics! check out the gals. pink and black!

guess who are the ‘mu-tou’. hahahaa.

its mr fat ass! hahahaa.

saturday – movie marathon!

had to work on saturday…*groan*, after work, met up wiv kenny to watch ‘in good company’..

first thing when i met him, both od us were complaining..

wonder why?

coz both of us were wearing pink. -_______-“

anyway, it was so freaking crowded on sat. i blame it on…. ‘the attack of the secondary school kids’…


it gets so irritating, especially in the train, to see those secondary school kids try so hard with their dressing, and those who DUN even try at all. YIKES, and seeing them flirt with de boys…

argh. when i was in secondary school, i wasnt like tat man…

so so so so irritating….

and u knoe wats even more irritating?

ppl will prolly think tat im a secondary school kid with my size too…. *GRRRRR*

bumped into my ex boyfren, josh at lido. woot. he works at starbucks… 😀

i got a free ice chocolate and de sweetie wrote ‘love me’, as in a heart and me. hahhaa…

my ‘love me’ ice chocolate!

saw tis. aint it cute? 😀

anyway, window shopped wiv kenny and bought a nice handbag. however kena nagged at him to curb my spending. LOL.

‘in good company’ was nice. about life. remember tis… easy come, easy go.

ate a lot that day! hahaha. after tat went to meet colin and miss chong to watch hitch…

it was a rush of time! we were rushing here and there for theatres and timings. lol. settled at marina and colin and miss chong had to rush their very belated dinner.

‘hitch’ was VERY GOOD. i love it! will smitch had always been one of my favourite actors…

i wish more guys are like him… planned their dates properly. hahahaa.

after the movie, was the drastic search for the washroom… bladder nearly burst!

thanks colin for sending me home and thanks to kenny, miss chong and colin for a great day!


sunday – sentosa

went to sentosa with lydia. didnt managed to tan much but at least im a lil bit darker than my casper self. lol.

sentosa was crowded. with all those company events (FLASHBACK: attachment), filipino maids and the secondary school kids again…

had an enjoyable day with lydia, simple yet meaningful..

tanning, chatting, napping, eating…

the simple pleasures of life.

bintan soon babe?


it has been a good weekend for me. how was urs? anyway, ppl were wondering abt my previous post… hahhaa. its juz a fishy preview for a fishy outing on a fishy friday! lol.

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