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that thing about aussie… day four.

note to self:

  1. i will not complain about how much meals cost in singapore
  2. i will not complain about how slow the frequency of the damn buses & taxis are.
  3. i will not complain about how much taxis cost in singapore.

everything is expensive here! since mr jaywalk complained about my lack of pics, i shall post some here. 😉

went to dreamworld today! a ticket to dreamworld costs about 62 buckaroos. expensive! tsk tsk tsk. had fun with the rides and all. 😉 though it was a tad frustrating queuing up for like 30 – 60 mins for a 2 min ride? imagine if we had gone on the weekend.

took a train from brisbane city to gold coast… took abt an hour. imagine in singapore, it takes abt an hr to travel from jurong east to bedok? tsk tsk tsk.

the chips here are yummy. was snacking on thai sweet chilli chips (don’t see them in singapore, absolutely delish! after i was done with the huge packet of chips, i turned the packet around and saw…. 2094kj!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am so going to calorie hell. damn delish.

basically had fun with the rides and took lotsa cuckoo pics.

took the train back and had dinner at some place called ‘jackpot’. an asian “restaurant”?. nothing beats food home man. heard from tiger that even places with so-so food makes a lot of $$. *doh*

i can’t believe it has already been 4 days. yikes. soon it will be over. *wails*. the weather here is so dry that my lips are cracking despite me slathering a lot of lip balm. bah. 4 days have passed and i have spent till date $140 and yet, i have not bought anything! -_-” only a teeeny weeny sign saying ‘australia. nadia’.

things are expensive here. expect no souveniors. muahahahhaahaa. *evurl laughter*. those who have been to brisbane, any other places should i check out?

ok toodles! *back to my chips*


  1. Go check out a 24hr pancake shop(can’t remember what is it called) in the city. They serve 1 of the best pancakes in the world.


  2. Pancake Parlour or sumthing isn’t it? I heard they have them everywhere. I think there’s one in sydney or sumthing. can’t remember. =)))

    i will i will. thanks!!


  3. There’s a scenery viewing place on top of a hill.. Forgot the name. Can go try it out..