xmas dinner,

last year i organised a xmas dinner for bsc, it went very well thus i decided to organise it again… i informed everyone b4 hand in september tat the xmas party would be held on december 28th… i tink tat is WAY allowance b4 hand… nowo say someone HAS to tell me he maybe cant come… wats the excuse? anyway sip ends on de 27th…. thus wat things u can have? bloody hell… things dun have to screw up even more…. first company stuff… dun even knoe if can continue with the editing as the bloody email wasnt sent… damn… now have to deal with this type of bullshit… unconsiderate fella. last minute say cant make it. tink whole world waiting for him. wrote an email saying its the comm decision whether to continue on tat day or postpone it. bloody hell. i personally tink, juz hold it…..

unconsiderate ppl.

the day sucks even more… sure bring it on will ya? bloody hell…

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