had haircut today…. erm, not used to it. 🙁

anyway, toni (tony?) & guys are looking for hair models for friday de 6th! short hair or long hair can also. but muz be willing to do a drastic change! as in SNIP! de word is DRASTIC! females onlie needed. it will be on friday morning, i tink 10 ish. end abt 1pm. if interested leave a comment HERE!

anyway, someting to rant abt. remember ‘the event company’. de kanasai company who need game marshalls who are 1.6m tall? suddenly i got a phone call from my fren (name withdraw to protect privacy! :X) called at almost 1pm to ask whether i was interested to go. if so, meet @ 2pm at harbourfront.

i was tinking ‘wat abt de height factor? and i neva attended de briefing yesterday’ while de nice hairdresser was blowdrying my hair…

well, lack of staff so f**k it. hmmmph! beggers cant be choosers! a perfect phrase to match de moment! (for u blur peeps, its directed at them!)

then finding out de pay is by cheque and not on de spot, and perhaps will a long time then can receive, i rather not work de bloody job.

why u may ask?


  • i have a lunch appt and need to cancel last minute and i HATE flying ppl’s kite.
  • @ 1.15pm, my hair was still being blowdried…
  • which means i would have to take a cab there.
  • pay coming end of de month? hmmmph. no way.
  • why would i wanna rush myself and cancel my appt for a company like dat?!

tats rite. loser company. after tat met mum for lunch at some thai place. nice! missed thai food so much after my backpacking trip! got de pad thai which was delicious as usual!

headed back home after window shopping with mum and used de com. think, tats enuf blogging for a day…. need to pick out clothes for my shoot tomolo! 😛

anyway, another nad phrase brought to u by nadelicious nad!

18) Tell Them About The Nad, Mummy!

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