i feel depressed. money tots. dream of aussie flys away. dangle itselfs rite in my face and when i reach up to grab it, it taunts me and fly higher and higher till it is out of sight. anywhere i can get a bank loan for 50k? guess, wun study wat i want. 🙁 … anyway, feel moody… i have a low tolerance level for ppl telling stupid jokes or wateva. today is mr c’s bdae. yep, de fren i rather not have. mr b and i was toking today. sighz. a fairweather fren… here’s wishing YOU, a happy bdae. not tat u care, not tat u would see tis. wateva de case. i dun care anymore.

had an offer for a free photography course starting tomolo.. the ting is … they offered free instead of me paying them… becoz they wan me do photoshoots for free when they are in need… -_- nah. i have no slr and using my sony dsc-w1 will make me seem so much like an amateur with those slr holders. and will be a fool who doesnt knoe all de terms and jargons.. and work starts soon (if everything goes rite). and would not have time for tis hobby of mine. perhaps when i get a slr can do courses and learn..

i feel irritated with ppl around me… de simplest things sets me off and makes me fed up with them… a case of PMS? sighz. i am juz so irritated and disappointed! argh. irritated with him though i dunno why. everything he says makes me irritated. disappointed with aussie stuffs and mr c.

sighz. suddenly not even chirpy to pack clothes for my shoot. which usually makes me soooooo happy… oh well… if tis is reallie pms, go away soon… if not pms, dear ol’ nad aint feeling happy anymore and reflecting on her life. -___-

dun bother with me, mite me juz a day i feel down. juz have to type tis out…. tomolo! casual theme! bright bright clothes! wanna try achieve my ‘confessions of a teenage drama queen’ idea. wahhahaha. :X

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