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The Unexpected Chronicles of Nadia and Jen Jen! – Day 2 Episode 3: Vroom vroom wheeeee! (Gold Coast)

After Dreamworld, all of us headed over to The Holden Performance Driving Centre!

Basically we were all given the chance to drive 3 hot laps in a V8 SS Commodore. Because yours truly is a lazy ass and has no driving license, I did not have have a chance to drive the car BUT one of their professional instructors Pete drove all of us so I had my experience too! We had to wear one of their jumpsuits.

Choose your jumpsuit!

And the helmet too.

Jen jen getting suited up!

Here’s my suit!

The back of my suit.

Jeno and Nado. Those are our Australian names!Brent asked me to pose this question to my Australian readers – Will I ever see your face again? *scratches head* ANYWAY… Back to business.Here’s more camwhoring pics!

The lovely Petrina and me!

Our team! Joe, Petrina, Me and Jenny.

Look how sexy we look with our sexy hairnets. -__-”


A pic of me and the car i totalled.

Pete giving a briefing.

The car that the rest drove.

I’m pouting away cause I didn’t get to drive!

Joe and Petrina are hilarious! They’re so fun to travel with and they’re always doing fun videos! Missing them already!

Getting ready for my ride!

All strapped on and ready to go!!!

Jen and I after the ride. Personally I thought it wasn’t going fast enough. LOL. And I kept asking Pete to go faster. 😛

Spotted a rottie. I miss bear bear! Rotties aren’t as bad as they seem to be. This rottie was a total sweetheart!

Us at the school.

It was really a fab experience. I can’t wait to get my licence and have a go at driving!

2 thoughts on “The Unexpected Chronicles of Nadia and Jen Jen! – Day 2 Episode 3: Vroom vroom wheeeee! (Gold Coast)”

  1. NADIA!!!!!!!!!

    You sound like you had so much fun, I’m DEFINITELY VERY VERY ENVIOUS (or maybe jealous :P) right now!!

    You gooooooo girl. Yeah Dreamworld was awesome!! I remember the koala pooping on me though, when I carried it. Meh. Maybe Koalas don’t like me.

    Anyway. YOU HAVE to tell me all about your trip when you get back to Singapore alright?

    Continue having fun and don’t forget all the (jealous) singaporeans back at home!!!


    Jess, love and kisses from SG


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