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second day in thailand…

walked around… do u knoe tat de thai monks are damn particular abt women. as in when buses, women cant sit beside them. >.<

and de whole bangkok have lotsa vespas!!!!

wooot. many colours of them. there is also tis place where all de backpackers go and chill. drinks and everything..,

wanna go on a second trip! woot.

note to pearl: lotsa angmohs here. handsome ones!

hahaha. broke broke broke man. looks like no shopping. oh well. at least im eating well here…

tummy is up! 🙁

here. their bus services are like 4 – 5 baht (25 cents) per trip. danger is running for irregular buses, packed 2 de brim…

love it here! lets all save money and come here yah?

woot! and of coz missing evryone. anyway, sel, ur layout looks great!

take care peeps!

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