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where cookie meets cookie.

was at barf and ng’s place on sunday and barf kindly took a few pics of meh. so… pics galore today. 😛

first up,

a pic of cookie playing with the naDS lite!

even cats loves ds lites!

ok, now its time for (some of) my pics, those with a weak stomach, pls dont view them..

i converted them to black and white, so for the b&w/colour version, just click on the pics.

my fave pic (of me). poor cookie looks scared to death though…

naiveguy says i look more malay in the black and white pics…

argh. i dunno why i was slouching. and yes, outfit of the day…

i was trying hard to open my eyes big big. the light was too bright!

can i pass off as a shunu? maybe not with those nails…

omg. my face! ok, concentrate on the cute kitty pls.

i love this pic. i was scratching cookie’s head.

i tried editing the pics to adjust the colours but im no good at that.

thanks for the lovely pictures barffie!

photos by barffie, cookie cat by naiveguy and barffie and lousy model by (cookie) nadnut. 😛

10 thoughts on “where cookie meets cookie.”

  1. you can take these pics and go to a model’s agent. These pics kick all those fake falsy studio shots.

    Serious, these pictures are seriously good!


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