Pictures Yours truly...

muahhaaa. im back! missed me?

lol. pics will be up later… anyway, since elections are tomolo. i shall campaign too. muahahahaa.

for de heck of it, here are my elections posters for 2 years…

2002 / 2003. highest votes for female! muahahhaaa…

2003 / 2004. highest votes for female! muahahaa…

posters courtesy of eddie ho. a talented fella. lol. wonder how would de school look like with all de posters…

lol. mite come down on friday… 🙂

i shall now sleep. lol. havent even unpacked.

anyway, new layout up for me domain! click here to view. courtesy of evonne! 😀

🙂 to those who wanna buy earrings. how abt i bring down de ‘goods’ and u guys can choose and buy? comment here (not in tagboard) for a day?

miss u guys!


juz to disturb de ‘voting fever’, here’s my own poster tis year!

or would it be betta in blue?

and u cant imagine de amount of ppl asking me if we are seriously having a BSC IDOL. lol

next up would be the exclusive interview. lol.

muahahahaa. BSC IDOL here i come!

please vote for me!

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