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$500 won at the Singapore Slingers match!!!!!!!!!!!!! Free tickets to be given away!

Many times previously, Precious and Nic had kindly asked me to join them in watching the Singapore Slingers but due to my hectic schedule, i couldn’t make it. Then one day…. Nic made such a great proposition that i couldn’t resist!

(check out Nic’s funky streak)

Nic says: hey hey
Nic says: highwayblogger here
Nic says: This Wed night 7pm free?
Nic says: wanna invite you to hot date
Nic says: rofl
nadnut™ (R) [idiots should be shot to death.] says: lol whats up?
Nic says: aren’t I the most appropriate? LOL
Nic says: Singapore Slingers!!
Nic says: last game of the year
Nic says: Xmas game!
nadnut™ (R) [idiots should be shot to death.] says: oooh!!
Nic says: VIP tickets!
Nic says: free beer and wine
Nic says: and refreshments
nadnut™ (R) [idiots should be shot to death.] says: wahhhhhhhhh
Nic says: you can even bring a squeeze!
nadnut™ (R) [idiots should be shot to death.] says: lol sounds good! where exactly is the match?
Nic says: Singapore Indoor Stadium
Nic says: we get special box seats
Nic says: all the way in front
Nic says: hehe
nadnut™ (R) [idiots should be shot to death.] says: wooot. count me in!
Nic says: is a great stress reliever lol
Nic says: you can to scream and shout all you want
Nic says: in aircon comfort
Nic says: and nobody can really hear you
Nic says: lol

He knew i was super stressed and guessed that a basketball match would be the ultimate stress reliever. Boy, was he right! I managed to get 4 tickets in the end and called my friends TK, Jasmine and Aloysius to join me.

Yours truly got tied up at work and was late. oops.

It was great! Actually i was afraid that i wouldn’t enjoy the game for as you know, yours truly is a bimbo blogger *flicks hair* and what does bimbo bloggers do? Aside from camwhoring and talking about makeup, we do not know anything else. hurhur.

I didn’t expect to enjoy the game so much and even got so agitated at certain parts of the game. It was fun meeting with many bloggers in the community too! Arzhou! Where’s my brownies?!

Photo by simplyjean

The VIP seats were great! There were free flow of wine, coke, beer and some delish sandwiches, chips and desserts! I even tried the interesting concoction of red wine and coke. LOL!

The kids were cute! They were cheering all the way! They were even more sporting than some of the adults. 😛

I think the guys only got hyper when it came to the cheerleaders segment.

Their skirts were soooooooooooooooo short! The guys were almost hyperventilating. LOL!

I was more interested in the mascot! I wonder if i’ll be able to take pics with it.

Incase you’re wondering about the title…. One of the bloggers Lennie won $500! Check out this link for more details. You can stand a chance to win some prizes too! Even the million buckaroos! (eh must share share the prize ok? :P). Basically for every game that you attend, there will be a secret question for that game. All you have to do is to login to the milliondollar site and enter the right answer and you stand a shot at that million buckaroos!

Since it’s Christmas eve, i’m feeling generous today…. Here’s some obvious hints on the answer: What’s my age? 😛

And since i’m feeling even more generous, i have some tickets to the Slingers vs Wildcats match on 2nd January to give away!

10 pairs of free seating normal tickets available! Just answer a simple question, where is the matches held at?

Just comment here with your email address! Preferance to bloggers. 😛 Hope to see you there!

Photo by simplyjean