5 things I love about being a woman.

Remember this and this?

Despite the fact that being a man has more advantages sometimes, here are some reasons why I think I rather be a woman.

  1. I can exploit my womenly wiles. The sad thing is that it works on some men only. I don’t do it often unless it’s really needed. I usually use this on sales people, clients, suppliers and colleagues. It’s amazing how teh-ing works. But of course, I usually get things done not this way but it does help in negotiating price plans and all. :X
  2. Vainpotty meh. I like dressing up and I feel that us ladies have so much variety to choose from whereas the guys are quite limited. Plus I get to play with makeup. hurhur.
  3. We are emotional creatures. Which is a good and bad thing.
  4. I’m usually the “Da Nu Ren” but sometimes I like to be the “Xiao Nu Ren”. I like the feeling of being protected, cared and fussed over.
  5. Being wined and dined. I love it when men are romantic and really make an effort to wine and dine you, makes one feel important and special. 🙂

Feels good being a woman. 🙂 Of course there are more reasons (e.g. how soft we feel etc) but I think I’ll stop at 5. 🙂

5 thoughts on “5 things I love about being a woman.”

  1. I agree to all the points!

    And to add on! We can play with our hairstyles! Long, short, spike, curly, straight! while guys have to stick with those boring old styles 😀


  2. Julianna: I like being a woman but I like men. heh.

    Hillary: LOL. New Zealand woman?! :X hahhaa

    clauds: Actually guys get to play with their hairstyles too but depends on how adventurous they are!


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