tiring… (look at my eye bags!)

today went to school for HT seminar review.. i wasnt prepared but tink it went well… had group meeting and was kinda pissed.. its like some of us were discussing the ideas and those who were late, came and asked abt wat we discussed and was not receptive at all. GOD DAMN IT! its a discussion, why muz shoot her and there. fuk man. i was damn pissed. come late still like dat. sheesh. shot us all de questions. come on lor. there will be some sides tat neva looked at. can ask instead of shooting. like hello! only 3 ppl was there. after tat still wat shit say we not receptive to her ideas. sheesh. now u knoe how it feels rite? i dun care if u read tis. its how i feel. during meeting, also i said u were shooting us. im not naming names when usually i say all the names of people im pissed at as i believe its MY blog, i can say wateva i wanna say. so its good tat i neva name any names. come on lor. tis is how i feel and i believe u knoe how i felt. i made it rather clear during meeting. if ask also, dun shoot. if L can ask why in a betta way, i dun understand why u muz shoot. sheesh. dun bother.

off tat ugly topic… came home, rested a bit. then had msn-discussion with kenny and ariel over COL. Celebration of Learning, suppose to start @ 7pm, but my com dunno why kept on restarting… onlie managed to log in @ 7.20pm… discussed till 10.30pm. hard core man. after tat finished, still discussed with kenny after i realised i left some stuff… bah… so damn tired already… revised my proposal and programme many times… BIG event = BIG headache. LOL.. well, im ok with it. hee… eyes closing though… cancelled zouk outing tomolo. lack of sleep. decided to go next week instead. i managed to get 10 free tix for the Christina Aguilera competion next wednesday (which ladies still have to pay if they wanna go the competion) which entitles with free 2 drinks. anyone wanna come? it starts @ 8pm. after the competition, still can stay for zouk after. mambo for the freaks, phuture – r&b for the rest of the non-freaks. hahaha! if anyone wanna go, let me knoe. tag me! yesterday finished coverpage for my subdomain. A BIG HEADACHE MAN. shall give it a break. dun wanna do now… damn tiring learning… but i shall do it! sooner or later! lol… shall end…. left lotsa stuff to do…

here’s the list:-

:prepare for tomolo’s bsc meeting
-prepare cheer list
-prepare financial update
-make changes to proposal and programme

:school work
-get ready my stuff for my presentation on thurs
-memorise my script for friday’s presentation
-do allocated project work

sighz… all this by tomolo… looks like another sleepless nite for moi…

*rubz eyes*

why de weather so bloody cold… freezing to death liaoz… BBBRRRRRRRRRRR