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tis morning woke up bright and early to have breakfast with Kelvin Ling, Mira, Gini and Zhenjie in the morning at bedok Macs, lol… was raining like mad in de morning, what made worse, was my heater was SPOILED!!!! So angry! was freezing my butt off… i took half an hour to bath! basket! i did the ‘one leg in, ooh cold! pull out leg immediately” thingy… ahhh! in de end after my bathe, i felt like ice! so cold! met the peeps for breakfast! then headed off to tanah merah to meet bsc main comm and subcomm, we then departed to de shuttle bus heading to the Newater plant. We viewed stuff and i juz realise, all residents in Bedok, Simei, Tampines and Pasir Ris are drinking newater now! hmmmm… then we headed off after the long tour (about an hour plus) to bedok to eat, ate carrot cake! kena my shirt! somemore white! bleah! then rounded up ppl who are going to Yahui’s birthday party, in de end, Jeff, Colin, Mira, Lester and me went. dunno why eddie was making a big fuss on why we cant go later in de evening, he’s not even going! such a big hoo-hah for nothing, something i tink he should tink b4 he talks… now adays he seems to shoot his mouth… sighz… anyway, i took lester’s bike! woot! fun man! LOL, miss de feeling… lol… then reached yahui’s block, aiyoh, my hair was terribly entangled… sighz… lots of hair was sacrificed after a thorough brushing…. then went up her place, turned out lots of ppl left liaoz… thank god we went early and not listen to some idiot ranting… we bought for her a white gold necklace with a diamond pendant from Taka Jewellery. Pretty nice! lol, *jealous* and quite affordable too! hmmm… stayed till almost 4pm and left for home… had a long chat with colin on de way home… tat’s de end of my silly day… made me ponder should i celebrate my 20th birthday? hmmm…


Yahui seems to lost weight… she looks very happy today, anyway HAPPY BIRTHDAY YAHUI!!!!!

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