Yours truly...

3 days to flee-dom!

there’s just so many things to do. i can’t breathe at all. the phone is ringing nonstop. the emails just keeps coming, the suppliers are calling, the client is asking for the sky, the venue people are taking their own sweet time to reply and the sales people are irritating the hell out of me.

sometimes i wonder, how the hell did i do it.

after all these years doing events, since poly till now…  it has been a good 6 years organising events. i’m glad that this chapter is coming to an end. and soon another chapter begins.

to the next job, hopefully with a whole new jobscope, perhaps something i’m unfamiliar to and a different type of job nature (goodbye pretentious ex-big bosses! and ex-colleagues!).

hopefully it’ll be a good start.

now, time to clear as much work as i can. (i doubt so) and to hopefully clear all the junk here.

it was hard making the decision, afterall i was happy here till the changes and of course the pretentious bitches… it was afterall my comfortzone. but now as the freedom looms ahead, i just feel damn happy. it was really as if a burden has been lifted from my heart.

i’ll miss the nice people at emco. i’ll miss my cozy little cubicle. i’ll miss the damn bonus.

but all good things have to come to an end sooner or later. 🙂

ok, time to piah clearing my work. THERE IS SO MUCH SHITTTTT TO CLEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP!!!!