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are you a risk taker?

tuesday’s kitty… i love the lace behind.. anyone knows where to find lace brushes or lace images like this? wanna use for my next layout..

last saturday, because ben was gian for pitstop, the three of us (ben, thebeanmaster and me) headed down for some good clean fun.

outfit for the day. *cough camwhore*

the guys wanted to play risk.. and after hearing the number of times they have played the game, noob me felt really scared to play the game with them. afterall i have always sucked at war games but since they seemed so enthusiatic about it, i reluctantly agreed to a game with them + tim & margaret.

as tim explained the concept of the game, i was thinking ‘oh shit, i dont understand anything, i’m gonna get thrashed’ and thus cunningly decided to form allies. *cough* ben and i helped each other while we had a sorta no touch each other treaty with shen.

but .. knowing shen, he turned betrayer and whacked ben and i. grrr

check out the map. red = tim, green = margaret, blue = ben, yellow = shen & black = me. muahahaha

after that, my luck changed and i ruled supreme! muahahhaa. i kicked everyone’s ass and even though i could conquer all of the land continents, i stayed true to my promise to ben as an ally and i didnt disturb him. see, thats loyalty! not like some fat ass. *cough*

the final score. wooooot! the beginner thrashed all!

the winner. 😀

we then tried a few other games such as filthy rich. quite an interesting game but we didnt have time to complete the game. next time!

muahahaaa. many of my friends kept asking if pitstopcafe endorsed me or sponsored me as i kept blogging about the place… muaahahahaa. no la. i really really like the place and enjoy the company of the owners 🙂 beats minds cafe all the way. *cough*

the nad-shrine. hahahaa joking!

check out the number of pictures we (i) have! wooo weeeet! who is up for some pitstop fun? 🙂

6 thoughts on “are you a risk taker?”

  1. No allies! no allies! it’s not fair! fight with your own power! not with the help of others!!!!
    no allies i say!!!!!!


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