Yours truly...

hee…. am bored…. so nad-ness strikes!


7 things i am grateful of….

1) my mum, for being the pillar of support when i’m down…

2) my dear~ silly ol’ fool… though irritates me @ times, he gives me motivation when i’m down, always supporting me in de numerous of activities i join, though it means less time for him… thanks dear!

3) my frens, who support me oso… giving me advice and being cuckoo wiv me when im juz crazy!

4) my loving cats… who are just there… whom i snuggle up with @ nite… who i hug when i’m sad.. who i juz bully!

5) food and water.. there is enuf food and water so much that i have become picky of wat i eat instead of being grateful that i can eat and drink..

6) money… though how much i complain abt being broke, i still have enuf tat i can eat, i can go to school… tat i can go on holiday…

7) internet… w/o it, i wouldnt be addicted to blogging almost everynight….

hee! dunno wat else to write!

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