more horoscope thingy…

Birth stone

You like…
Rebelling against rules, sharing new ideas and trying out crazy new hairstyles.

You dislike…
Being stuck in a rut, animal abuse and pollution of the planet.

You’re best at…
Inventing new things and dreaming up brilliant ideas to make the world a better place.

Deep down…
You really care about ur planet and everybody on it. Ur greatest desire is to rid the world of poverty, war and pollution. If anybody can do it, u can.

Your career…
Inventor, TV journalist, reflexologist, computer whiz.

You’re individual but always stylish. You like ethnic clothes and love bright colours (blues and turquoises in particular). You often wear mad clothes that other people laugh at – then weeks later, they’re copying you! You trailblazer, you!

As a mate…
U would walk through fire and swallow frogs’ legs for ur friends. Being a good mate is one of ur best qualities and even though they think you’re a bit dotty sometimes, they love u for being the sweetest, most generous soul on the planet.

As a girlfriend…
U want a boyfriend who’s a bessie mate, so you’ll look for someone u can hang out with as well as kiss. Ur freedom is important to u, so boys who cling or want ur attention 24 hours a day won’t last long.

If your boyf’s an Aquarius
This guy cares about the environment, the poor and the state of the world, so capture his heart by being interested in more than just the latest Atomic Kitten single. He’s a kind, slightly wacky type, so don’t expect traditional kissy-kissy romance.

Celebrity Aquariuns
Emma Bunton (21/1/76), Vic Reeves (24/1/59), Nick Carter – Backstreet Boys (28/1/80), Elijah Wood (28/1/81), Minnie Driver (31/1/71), Lisa-Marie Presley (1/2/68), Natalie Imbrulglia (4/2/75), Brandy (11/2/79), Jennifer Aniston (11/2/69), Christna Ricci (12/2/80), Robbie Williams (13/2/74) and John Travolta (18/2/54).

That’s ME! *laffz*

lol… wat do u tink?

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