pek chek…

had a quarrel with my bf… argh…. dun ask me wat it is about. sheesh… when we have quarrels, i juz feel tat we are not right… sure sure.. everyting is my fault….

all i got tis to say to him: maybe we are not suitable. no communication? maybe i dun want too. u knoe my character. i am stubborn. if u dun like it, then we can delete it like de blog. i dun wan us to be like de blog issue. wat stupid doing it coz i like it. well to me, u sound damn condenscending and forced. maybe we dunno each other well. maybe i dun wanna tok. maybe we are not suitable for each other.

to everyone else: DONT ASK! i dun wanna tok abt it. and yes i am still sick. thanks for de care and concern.

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