[Review] Checking out The Good Life application!

As mentioned in my previous event post, the good people from Standard Chartered Bank (*waves hi to my uni mate anna!!*) and Wild Interactive had demonstrated The Good Life application.

Unlike the UOB application that I had previously reviewed, The Good Life application focused more on deals whereas the former also had mobile banking features.

I downloaded the application from the App Store searching for “The Good Life”.

The Good Life application offers dining, relaxation and retail deals.

It’s pretty easy to navigate. From the home screen, you can choose to navigate by choosing the following options:

Coupons indicate those with a limited shelf life.

As you can see here, the Supper Porridge deal expires in 11 days!

Deals showcase the respective deals in alphabetical order.

Nearest to me showcases the deals well… nearest to you! Very useful when you are wondering where to eat etc.

Categories indicate the categories where you can search from: All, Dining, Rest & Relax and Retail.

Cheap Rest & Relax deal!

While Search would be easiest for you if you know a certain location name.

Go check out the application now and get the great deals! Friends, let me know if you’ll like to check out any deals together k?

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