so you think you can dance.

*drools* yum yum. paedophile alert. cute charming guy with baby face and charming smile with abs. WHATS NOT TO LIKE?!?!?!?!!!         why is the 6 pecs pic so small??!?!??!?!?!?!?! WHO CAN FIND A BIGGER PIC OF HIS ABS, PLS GIMME! yum. damn i feel like a paedophile. haha!

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Friends Pictures

the belated clubbing pics.

*doh!* just received some of last week’s clubbing pics. i met up with some of my school mates aka my clique to o bar. as it has been a loooooong time since we met up, we decided to really dress up. (actually excuses for us to be vain, can? :P) i curled me hair. now …

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that thing about the craving…

as i mentioned to mandrake a few days ago on email… i am craving for some exotic food. not tooooo exotic like things on the inside e.g. heart, cow’s tongue, brain or whatever fear factor lookingalike. but more of something different. i am actually sick of the same old pasta, steak (!!!) and what nots. …

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nightlife pictures!

was surfing nightlife and found pictures!from halloween 2005 (i no longer smoke! *cough*) to december 2005 to just last friday! tmd! why does my eyes look weird in all of them! and oh btw, anyone good with creating logos?

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