Monthly Archives: April 2006


you know how your mum thinks of you when...

nadnut: mum! i'll be going xxxxx in xxxx (a certain month).

mum: huh?! for what?!

nadnut: to visit boiboi lor. (that's what i call tiger infront of my mum.)

mum: oh!!!! i never thought you'll be the one-man type. i thought you'll have another boiboi in singapore aside from boiboi.

nadnut: !!!! MUM!!!!

doh! -______________-" THANKS MUM! tmd. no mother's day prezzie for her!


its ironic.

i found out a few days ago that someone i met during a pitch passed away recently. she was in her twenties. i recalled her as a rather pretty and outspoken lady. sia material. infact beyond sia material. a colleague and i was rather shocked and were wondering what had happened.

and... a few days ago i was blog-surfing and i read a certain blog which had blogged about her death. it was not as if i was googling for her. i was just randomly reading. and i found out about her cause of death.

sigh. news like these makes me feel depressed.


i have been in that state before. many a times. being unhappy with everything in life. being not able to move on at all.

and i have friends in that stage right now. i really wish i can do more for them. but all i can offer them right now is company and a listening ear.

i guess the only one to help them now is themselves. to bring themselves out of the depression. no one can do that for that for them.

aside from friends dealing with memories of the past, there are others who obviously have issues/emotional baggage and yet not deal with them and lecture others on OUR emotional baggages when they themselves have not conquered theirs. which is rather pathetic i feel. instead of conquering their own baggages, they attack others to make themselves feel better.

when in actual fact, they are running away from their own baggages.

i rather let those who are in the depressed stage heal at their own time and be there for them. yes, i may give a nudge to them once in a while, be there for them but i wont push them. for i have been pushed once, and i know how it feels.

nobody wants to be depressed. if they could pick themselves up fast, they would. people heal at their own pace, some may heal extraordinary fast (but some may heal on the surface only) and some may take years but as long as they WANT to heal, that's the first step to recovery.

to a dear friend, you know who you are: anytime you need to talk or you feel you're slipping again, call me. i may not be able to take away your pain but i'll be there for you when you want me to. hugs. i'm so proud to see you so strong.