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that thing about my mother…

you know how your mum thinks of you when…

nadnut: mum! i’ll be going xxxxx in xxxx (a certain month).

mum: huh?! for what?!

nadnut: to visit boiboi lor. (that’s what i call tiger infront of my mum.)

mum: oh!!!! i never thought you’ll be the one-man type. i thought you’ll have another boiboi in singapore aside from boiboi.

nadnut: !!!! MUM!!!!

doh! -______________-” THANKS MUM! tmd. no mother’s day prezzie for her!

12 thoughts on “that thing about my mother…”

  1. Sorry but I’d have to side with your mom on this one?

    ONLY ONE????

    eh… something wrong? wanna talk about it? I’m on MSN you know? Give me a buzz ok?

    I am really worried.


    nadnut: -_-“


  2. Your mom must have thought you are the flirty-type of gal….lol

    nadnut: bah. she thinks that a lot of guys are after me. she is soooo wrong!


  3. Hi …

    Very nice blog! Just chanced upon it recently. Keep rocking! 🙂

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    Do drop by and pen a few threads if you have time …

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    nadnut: kk. will drop by. 🙂


  4. Judging by your blog entry , since this is all the information I have.I think you are mean to your mom.
    But because I don’t know the situation.So my earlier comment isn’t valid.Buy her a present la! 😀

    nadnut: not mean lor! 🙁


  5. hahaha…..she see you very up, ok? My mother still cannot believe I hitched a guy hor….

    nadnut: hahhaa. your mum so cute!


  6. give her StarBurst from where your going, and tell her that slimy jello-like thingy is isnt suppose to be there!

    nadnut: what’s that?!?!?


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