the power of blogging.

its ironic.

i found out a few days ago that someone i met during a pitch passed away recently. she was in her twenties. i recalled her as a rather pretty and outspoken lady. sia material. infact beyond sia material. a colleague and i was rather shocked and were wondering what had happened.

and… a few days ago i was blog-surfing and i read a certain blog which had blogged about her death. it was not as if i was googling for her. i was just randomly reading. and i found out about her cause of death.

sigh. news like these makes me feel depressed.

4 thoughts on “the power of blogging.”

  1. Its good.Its prove you are human.

    nadnut: what proves that i’m human? and feeling depressed is good? o.O what warped logic is this?


  2. Jaslyn from jaywalk’s blog loh.. so maybe is two different deaths.. Haiz.. When you have to go, you have to go..

    nadnut: dunno. i didnt read her blog.  


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