hmmm… lots of things has happened. lol. today got so fed up @ werk. things were getting stressful @ werk. my event is on fri and still i have to settle centrepoint case. theresa was no help too. the invites was promised on the 1st wk of november and guess wat? we can like onlie deliver tomolo which is Nov 20! oh my, i really feel so sad for them especially kalam. centrepoint is my baby though it gets really tiring as they are the type of ppl who needs COMPLETE info thus they would always wanna meet and meet and meet, kind of draining my energy already. today couldnt take and i actually felt tears on my cheeks. the horrors! i faster walked to my pantry wiv my make up kit thus seeming as if i was redoing my makeup for the appointment. i locked the door and i cried a bit. guess the stress is going up too much. hmmm… sighz… didnt even tell my dear. i feel ashamed for breaking down, its not the type of thing i would do. sighz. im suppose to be strong. oh well.


werk sucks…

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