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i love greenery/nature/sea.

they destress me… =)

on a side note, think im falling sick..

i had a rather refreshing weekend… went to bintan for a few days…

basically i think bintan is just like a sentosa. lol. however, it is after the company that matters…

i feel refreshed.

memorable stuff that happened:-

– talk about tadpoles and swimming in the pond.
– bullfrogs in the middle of the night calling out my name..
– massages and boobs.
– lack of toothbrushes and the use of ‘the finger’
– giant chess pieces
– watermelon vodka
– xbox zombies
– pizza and bintang beer
– S$4.80 red bull. (tmd. kena conned!)
– lazerquest and snipers
– a certain slave
– the great egg escapade
– the smoking machine..
– buggy rides to and fro
– guys showing off their ‘swimming skills’
– being sick and needing help. =X

though it really wasnt value for money, the company more than made up for it… bangkok next time?

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