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UP-themed ROM/Dinner in 2014!

The boy and i have discussed with our parents and we’ve fixed a date for the ROM.

We’ve decided that we are not in any rush to get married so soon. I had a perfect date in mind and it really seemed like a good idea to get married on that special date.

Which is two years later. In the meantime, we search for a place and save loads of moolah for the wedding, house, renovation and whatnots.

We pretty much know what we want for our ROM.

We are looking for an outdoor venue or well, semi-outdoor at the very least. We are going for an UP-themed wedding. Figured that’s the best theme to suit my love for colours, rainbows and clouds. Time to check out all the wedding shows. We are toying between a ROM or to settle everything on that date.

For now, i’m just collating ideas. Am looking for the UP “house”. If anyone has any lobang, pls let me know

Looking at doing an engagement shoot soon! We’re going to Club Med Bintan for our little “engagement-moon”!

Decided to splurge and treat the boy as an engagement present for him!

More updates will come soon, hopefully!!!


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