there’s a cure for feeling emo!

its called…. OASIS!

hahaha. as the male barflies are busy having their SECRET guys night out (which was snooped out by a female barfly), some of us rather more sane ones went to oasis.

its this place where we can play board games and all. i LOVE their cheesefries!

crazy and superbly fun!

met up with curious george, kingmeng and missy. hilarious i tell you. if i wasnt wearing a skirt, i would have been rolling on the floor laughing.

update: 2 male barflies are drunk. lol.

this is what you get when you keep things secret from us. aint playing boardgames a more wholesome way to spend time?

infact, i may cut down on wala and head down to oasis instead. can detox at the same time 😉

some pics taken.

i suck at pictionary but made up for it in taboo. LOL.


oasis tomorrow again!

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