pissed off…

today a lot of things juz made my day… -_-

1) my com got virus and its uncleanable. fed up. supposedly no solution but my com is damn laggy and slow. and both my msn and icq got problem! argh!

2) my beloved msn got problem!!!! dunno wat sign in problem! dun let me log in!!! grrrr~

3) sorry to dear for forgetting our 7 months anniversary. and puh-lease. i went to camp for onlie 3 short days, i didnt miss u and stop asking if i did. argh! last year when i was with my ex, and i went to sabah for 12 days oso, i didnt miss him. so there.

4) and to dear again: juz because im irritated at u constantly asking me tat, dun ASSume its de time if de month! WHY DO ALL GUYS ASSUME TAT ITS DE TIME OF THE MONTH WHEN A GIRL IS IRRITATED!!!!! COME ON LOR. ITS U GUYS WHO IRRITATE US!

5) my damn starhub fone wun get connected till i pay another 150 bucks! argh!!!!

6) im suffering from sweat rash as every camp.. so itchy! *scratch scratch*

7) im broke. tat is juz de pits.

8) im peeling. i look like michael jackson. with bits of white and bits of black. sheesh.

tat is about all tat irritates me de whole damn day. argh!!!

on a brighter side, wat cheered me up today,

1) i skipped school today. and lazed around. i need to catch up on my bloody sleep…

2) a lot of my dearest frens namely lydia and pearl made my day by saying tat they missed me when i was gone in camp (at least they told me they missed me and not pestered me whether i missed them)

3) my darling chicken leg who snuggled with me when i slept and snored like a pig. juz snuggling with my beloved cat makes me feel loved and secure.

4) my mom who after hearing my hoarse voice, promptly bought some vitamin C stuff for me and pampered me a bit.

5) blogger. how much i miss blogging. (ya ya. im a bitch to miss blogger more than my bf.)

6) Alvin Ting who juz made my day by saying im a good FA though he wasnt from my empire. Thanks!

Thanks to those who made my day!

there u go~

sad… gotta drag my ass to school tomolo. de hols werent even hols… sad… -_-

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