Life and Fun Love

oh how i love thee…

even though we have been together for a while, he still makes me feel pampered sometimes.

i got home from 2 rounds of mahjong last night and slept at 6am. woke up at 5pm and found missed calls from the bf, and messages asking if i was ok. logged onto msn and saw his msn nick : missing? and the poor boy was worried sick about me.

lol. i’m sorry! i was just lost in lala land.

when i felt like eating steamboat at 6pm and msned him that, he agreed without thinking to go with me. (and tiger does not like steamboat)

when i said i need a tan cause i felt almost casper-ish and i wanted to check out cafe del mar, he asked if i was free the next week and he would like to accompany me. (and tiger does not tan or drink)

though sometimes i feel that we have slipped into the old couple routine, where we do the same old stuff and he isnt as romantic as last time (where were the lovely cute sms-es he used to send last time? or the silly small prezzies he used to give), he still manages to surprise me with his silly endearing ways.

even though he pisses me off most of the times by for example losing the precious handmade bookmark that i made for him, i suspect he left it in australia. -_-” (- 10000000 brownie points), and by being oh so stubborn sometimes, i think what we have is good. 🙂

je t’aime. just find the bookmark and i’ll forgive u. muahahahahahaaa. =X


  1. Finding the bookmark will get you only 1 brownie point and the -10000000 brownie points are not refundable. Definitely not a good deal. 😛