you know its gonna be a bad day when…

– you have a tummy ache right in the morning…

– cause of the tummy ache, you missed your shuttle bus. (to be exact, i was opposite the road when i saw my bus zooomed away)

– you took 15 mins to hail a cab…

– the taxi driver was flirting with you and he was over 40’s. (shrugs. he gave me a discount)

– your darn handphone has zero batt. (never mind got charger @ work)

– the first msn msg u get is from an irritating person.

– you still have the queasy feeling in your tummy.

bleah. my tummy on strike. must be the kfc chicken. grrr. everytime i eat the chicken in kfc, ill get a tummy ache. (as in 2 piece chicken not popcorn chicken)


*music in the background: bad day*

yesterday i was bloghopping and i stumbled onto this

*vomits kfc chicken chunks out*

its this china woman called furong jiejie who thinks she’s hot. *whacks head*

and today when i was bloghopping to kennysia’s blog i realised that the cute malaysian was also disgusted by the fugly chinawoman.

oh god. this is shameless. she likens herself as a flower and such. and says that all guys wanna sleep with her. god… if she’s below 45kg, i’m 30kg!

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do read her blog BUT do not eat b4 hand.


[update] awww. guess who sent a sweet hola? stoned nerd! come back soon!

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