Announcements Yours truly...

some photoshoot pics are up!

here is one of my faves…

love de look. everything is like rushing, am busy (look at de bus) but time stand still for me. heh.

anyway, worked today! another 5 hours. sighz. they said, if everything goes rite, will get our check on de 31st. 🙁

anyway, since next week i cant work, advertise for them. anyone wanna work next week?

on monday and tuesday at ntu. from 10am – 3pm (but come at 9am to settle contract/particulars and mini training). basically promoter for an online company.

pay is 8 bucks an hour. if interested please tag me. however, its onlie for gurls and muz be decent looking and able to approach strangers and be garang.

more pics up. me gonna do a portfolio page in my domain. soon. anyway, potluck party peeps! dun forget abt it!

tomolo bsc foolscap giveaway! check out de bsc blog for more details!


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