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the birthday post…

saturday was kenny’s and conan’s birthday party…

location: sunset bay bar + rasa sentosa hotel room

ariel and i arrived way early. however, while waiting for the blue line bus at the visitor arrival centre, we were stunned.

stunned at what?

at the amount of people queueing for the bus. there was easily a crowd of 200.

there must be some event. i noticed a lot of tour guides too.

after finally getting on the bus and arriving at the hotel room. we were overwhelmed.

there were so many guys in the room. from wrestling to pillow fights and looking really gay in bathrobes, these guys neva failed to amaze us.

they even climbed up the siloso stuff.

ok. i instigated them to do that. bleah.

reaching the sunsetbay pub/bar after a LONG walk, we finally met some females. hahaha.

so as females, we did as females usually do.

we took pictures.

we went for a walk to the beach and took pictures of the beautiful sunset. i cant wait for phuket!

had to retreat back to the party after the birthday boys called us back.

party started. all started eating. after dinner, we were bored. all staring at each other.

then came a saviour.

in the shape of a rather sexy banana.


then came the rather bo-liaoz pics..

more camwhoring came along…

program comm, bsc ay01/02

the 2 mahjong kings/queens

more camwhoring..

dr jenny and miss neo

then came the fun part. the same boliaoz gang of guys grabbed hold of mr kenny chan and went off to throw him into the sea.

his dad damn power. instead of saving his son. he said this instead ‘take the wallet and handphone’ and gleefully took pictures of the whole event.

wahahhaa. *salutes mr chan*

and DO I MEAN gleefully. he was happily snapping away from the beginning till the end.

as we cheered the guys on, kenny chan managed to get himself free.

then came the police and thief run…

we waited.

and waited.

and waited.

finally he got caught again and this time he got thrown into the water.

i was happilly cheering ‘throw throw!’ when as kenny was about to be thrown into the water, he said this in a rather threatening voice ‘i heard that nadia’.

boy… needless to say, i hid myself after that.

then came the mad chase as kenny tried to restore his lost pride by sabohing others. yawn…

oh yeah. pics of the cakecutting..

and the guys..

retired to the hotel room. slacked, nua-ed. drank a lil liquor after that a lil incident happen.

well, got a warning from the hotel staff. there were too many ppl in the room.

after bathing. makeupless nad! and shen and ariel.

so the whole group went for a drive around sentosa.

woo-hoo! it was fun with nix driving and speeding. went to the beach area and juz chilled.

i left at 4ish wiv nix, ariel and jeff.


hope the presents are ok. 21 already!

now got kaki to watch RA movie together. wahahhaa. joking!

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