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life goes on…

she walked along the beach.

feeling the breeze in her hair. she took off her heels and carried it.

she sipped the champagne which she carried in her left hand.

feeling the water lick at her feet, and the breeze blowing at her hair, she smiled.

it was however a wistful smile.

she sat down gracefully, tucking her legs neatly. she looked up at the stars. there were so many of them that night.

she looked at her right hand. her ring that she had worn for close to a year was scratched and tarnished but it has always been on her finger.

she had never taken it off even when she bathed.

but what was the use of the ring now? the owner no longer cared.

she drank the rest of the champagne. her initially thoughts were to walk to the sea. to walk into the water to the very end.

walk till there was a place that she wont feel the heartache anymore. where she wont think of his kisses or his smile.

walk into the arms of the sea and let it envelop her as how he had with his arms.

but now, after much deliberation, she knew that life will go on.

she’ll meet someone new and someone who will take over his place. she’ll move on.

she took off her ring and walked to the waters.

she threw the ring as far as she could.

suddenly she giggled. she never felt so carefree before. she strolled to her car. and as she got into the car, she could have sworn she heard a whisper.

she looked back and saw no one. as she drove, she whispered a thank you.

for her guardian angel was there. guiding her back.

life will go on.

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